CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust - Sustainability Report 2022

• Identify opportunities to deliver long-term sustainable benefits • Reduce carbon emissions and transit to lowcarbon business • Strengthen portfolio resilience against the physical impact of climate change and changing regulations to a low-carbon economy • Reduce energy consumption and transit to renewable energy sources • Reduce water consumption, encourage use of recycled water and rainwater harvesting • Minimise generation of waste and increase rate of recycling • Manage biodiversity to contribute positively to the natural environment • Engage stakeholders to be environmentally responsible • REIT and BU CEOs are Sustainability Champions • CICT Sustainability Committee discusses issues and make recommendations for decisions impacting environment aspects of business and operations • Performance tracked via the online CLI Environmental Tracking System (ETS) • ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management System (EMS) ensures accountability of relevant managers and staff • Key performance targets linked to remuneration for all staff • Collaborate with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) • Require ISO 14001 certification for main contractors and prefer ISO 14001 certification for all vendors • Share CLI’s EHS policy with suppliers and service providers • Encourage stakeholders, including tenants, shoppers and the general community, to adopt environmentally sustainable habits Environmental Management System (EMS) • Ensure legal compliance • Identify environmental aspects and manage impact • Adopt Sustainable Building Guidelines – includes the Environment, Health and Safety Impact Assessment (EHS IA) and stakeholder consultation • Appoint minimally ISO 14001-certified main contractors or conduct EMS legal compliance on-site • Ensure environmentally sustainable operations – implement EMS Standard Operating Procedures Key Performance Indicators and Performance-linked Remuneration • Set green rating targets for new buildings and major refurbishments • Green existing property portfolio • Set eco-efficiency targets and improve performance through tracking of energy and water usage, waste generation and carbon emissions • Engage stakeholders Environmental, Health and Safety Policy Sustainable Building Guidelines CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENERGY WATER WASTE BIODIVERSITY MATERIAL ISSUES POLICY OBJECTIVES ACCOUNTABILITY APPROACH & IMPLEMENTATION STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT Integrated Sustainability Report 2022 13 Environment Environment Framework