CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust - Sustainability Report 2023

ENVIRONMENT FRAMEWORK, COMMITMENT & PROGRESS • Build resilience for the portfolio against the physical impact of climate change and prepare for changing regulations toward a low-carbon economy • Reduce carbon emissions and transit to low-carbon operations • Reduce energy consumption and transit to renewable energy sources • Reduce water consumption and encourage use of treated/recycled water and rainwater harvesting • Minimise generation of waste and increase rate of recycling for collected waste • Manage biodiversity to minimise impact to the natural environment • Engage stakeholders to adopt environmentally sustainable behaviours Via EMS • Ensure regulatory/legal compliance • Identify environmental aspects and manage impact • Adopt Sustainable Building Guidelines – includes the EHS Impact Assessment - in consultation with stakeholders • Require and indicate preference for ISO 14001 contractors/vendors and set environment targets/ requirements in the procurement of products and services • Ensure environmentally sustainable operations – implement EMS SOPs • CEO of the Manager and the CEOs of the BUs are Sustainability Champions • ISO 14001-certified EMS ensures accountability of all staff • KPIs are linked to remuneration of all staff; performance is tracked regularly • Support and participate in national OHS programmes • Collaborate with non-governmental organisations • Encourage end users, including tenants, shoppers, guests and the general community, to adopt environmentally sustainable habits Waste • Waste generation at unsustainable rates • Cost pressure from resource scarcity Water • Water scarcity, accessibility and security Climate Change and Energy • Global GHG emissions at unsustainable level • Cost pressure from rising demand for energy Biodiversity • Interdependence between the natural environment and well-being of the community Via KPIs and Performance-linked Remuneration • Assess green rating potential for new acquisitions and major refurbishments if there are none • Green existing property portfolio • Set eco-efficiency targets and improve performance through tracking of energy and water usage, waste generation and carbon emissions • Engage stakeholders to increase awareness FRAMEWORK Material Issues Policy and Objectives Accountability Method / Action Plan Stakeholder Engagement 22 CAPITALAND INTEGRATED COMMERCIAL TRUST