CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust - Annual Report 2021

CICT embraces change. In the face of fast-changing domestic and external realities, CICT evolves alongside structural shifts that impact every aspect of our world, thoughts and behaviour. We stay vigilant and agile to prepare ourselves and stand ready to leverage trends and seize opportunities when they present themselves. At the same time, we remain disciplined in managing potential risks. We have highlighted three trends most imperative to our business and the environment we operate in. CLIMATE CHANGE Trend Description COVID-19 has reinforced the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) influencing the sustainability of businesses. Growing expectations from stakeholders for businesses to act in response to climate change, assess related risks and improve ESG disclosures have impacted business decisions. Our Response What We have Done • AlignedwithCapitaLand’sscience- based targets for our transition to a low-carbon business • Achieved GRESB 5-star Rating for our ESG efforts • Integrated sustainability as a focus for our operations • Established emergency protocols for our properties and business continuityplans for our employees Ongoing Efforts • Taking steps to integrate the the TCFD recommendations in our annual reporting • Installing onsite renewable energy at more properties • Piloting initiatives such as chemical-less water treatment to cooling towers at CapitaGreen and introducing smart trash sorting bins to facilitate recycling efforts EVOLVING REAL ESTATE TRENDS Trend Description The pandemic has revolutionised the way people work and shop. The proliferation of online shopping and constantly evolving consumer behaviour meant that landlords needtobuildresilienceandoptimise occupancy, offerings, engagements and experiences. How businesses and their workforces manage in a flexible work environment remains a trending topic. With the acceleration of these structural changes, the linkage between retail and workspaces has become increasingly complex. Our Response Ongoing Efforts • Acquiring and retaining shoppers through loyalty programme and omnichannel activations via CapitaStar platform, the main digital enabler of CapitaLand’s retail ecosystem • Delivering elevated and rewarding user experience to the workspace community across CICT properties with CapitaStar@ Work’s utility and community features that offers convenience and connectivity • Creating a one-stop office solution for our tenants such as the flexible workspace at CapitaSpring managed by The Work Project, CapitaLand’s joint venture • Maintaining relevance of our properties through regular reviews of asset plans and asset enhancement initiatives TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT Trend Description Technologies are constantly shaping the way we work and live. With an evident dependence on technology, businesses embrace digital innovation to drive growth. The pace of innovation and the ability to effectively incorporate and execute strategies upon analysing customer data would set businesses apart. Our Response What We have Done • Invested in safe and contactless security access through facial recognition or QR Code • Launched the CapitaLand Digital Business Card mobile app • Installed digital water meters for leakage detection and automatic meter readings in malls Ongoing Efforts • Providing training to employees on digital skills, fluency and IT security • Leveraging analysed consumer data captured by the digital platforms to curate retail offerings for shoppers Annual Report 2021 23 Global Trends