CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust - Sustainability Report 2022

ENERGY Focus Measures Central Air Conditioning System • Installedwith Measurement &Verification (M&V) System to monitor systemperformance daily • Perform preventive and periodic servicing and maintenance • Auto tube-cleaning system • Conduct energy audit periodically Lighting • Adopt high-efficiency LED lighting Control, Metering and Monitoring • Building Management System • Sub-metering Renewable Energy • Plans to review and implement photovoltaic (PV) system Equipment • Replace equipment with higher efficiencies TAPPINGON SOLAR ENERGYAT IMMBUILDING CICT is working with Terrenus Energy Commercial Solutions Pte Ltd to implement the photovoltaic (PV) system at IMM Building in two phases. For Phase 1, CICT has installed 3,633 solar panels on the rooftop of IMM Building and is expected to operational by April 2023. For Phase 2, another 672 solar panels will be installed on the carport in 1H 2023. The estimated total renewable energy to be generated is 2,890,000 kWh/year. Phase 1 target completion: April 2023 Phase 2 target completion: 1H 2023 Tapping on renewable energy with solar panels installed on the rooftop of IMM Building 3,633 solar panels 672 solar panels 11,960 sqm 1,760 sqm Estimated renewable energy to be generated: 2,439,000 kWh/year Estimated renewable energy to be generated: 451,000 kWh/year PRESERVING BIODIVERSITY Aligned with CLI, CICT is committed to preserving the biodiversity of its sites as well as the wider area wherever possible. CICT’s portfolio of properties are located in urban and built-up areas. There are no properties in the portfolio located within protected areas and no material biodiversity risk has been identified. Instead, CICT encourages greenery within its properties as it enhances the wellness of its end-users and the vitality of the surrounding communities over the long term. CONSERVATIONMEASURES CICT continues to implement various energy and water conservationmeasures which focus on regular maintenance and innovation to achieve operational savings as well as improving waste management. The measures are listed in the tables below. Integrated Sustainability Report 2022 31