CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust - Sustainability Report 2023

SOCIAL FRAMEWORK, COMMITMENT & PROGRESS • Promote the culture of individual ownership and responsibility for OHS management from top management and staff to stakeholders, including tenants and supply chain partners such as vendors, service providers and main contractors • Actively participate in industry and national programmes to raise OHS standards • Reduce occupational injury rates to achieve zero harm • Continually strengthen the robust OHS Management System to meet and exceed OHS legal requirements • CEO of the Manager is accountable for OHS performance • All staff are accountable for OHS performance and implementation through the ISO 45001 certified OHS Management System • KPIs are linked to remuneration of all staff OHS Management System • Legal compliance • Identification of hazards and risk assessment • Sustainable Building Guidelines – Design for Safety • EHSIA • Safe operations – OHS SOPs • Support and participate in national OHS programmes • Share CapitaLand EHS policy with supply chain partners • Engagement with supply chain partners on OHS matters • Educate key stakeholders, including the investment community, shoppers, tenants, guests, and the public • OHS of CICT staff • OHS in Supply Chain Management • Health and safety of stakeholders in our properties, including shoppers, tenants, guests and the public KPIs • OHS performance of staff and contractor • Stakeholder engagement • Give preference to ISO 45001 certified vendors/ service providers; attainment of national certification may be accepted e.g. bizSAFE Level 3 and above for Singapore suppliers • Appointment of ISO45001 certifiedmaincontractors, or require OHS legal compliance audit FRAMEWORK Material Issues Policy and Objectives Accountability Method / Action Plan Stakeholder Engagement 46 CAPITALAND INTEGRATED COMMERCIAL TRUST