CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust - Sustainability Report 2023

Areas of Focus 2030 Targets & Commitments 2023 Performance Corporate Governance • At least 85% of employees attended one compliance related training • 99.4% of staff completed FBC awareness online training • 90.5% of staff completed cybersecurity training • Ensure sustainability targets are integrated into balanced scorecard framework and key performance indicators to determine executive remuneration including CICT Performance Unit Plan Under the Balanced Scorecard framework, CICT’s strategy and goals are translated to performance outcomes comprising both quantitative and qualitative targets in various dimensions including sustainability For more information regarding remuneration, please refer to the Corporate Governance section of the AR 2023 GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK, COMMITMENT & PROGRESS • Maintain an appropriate level of independence and diversity of the Board guided by the Board Diversity Policy • Commit to the highest standards of integrity in work and business dealings through the Ethics and Code of Business Conduct Policies • Adopt a zero-tolerance stance against any FBC and manage these risks based on the FBC Risk Management Framework • Adopt best practices and uphold corporate governance standards with reference to the Code of Corporate Governance 2018, and adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct • Diversify funding sources with sustainable financing Staff • Abide by the FBC Risk Management Policy • Annual declaration through the “CLI Pledge” to uphold CapitaLand’s core values, and not engage in any corrupt practices • Participate in relevant training Supply Chain/Partners • Abide by the FBC Risk Management Policy • Endorse the Supply Chain Code of Conduct, and anti-corruption clause in key contracts • Board of the Manager • CEO of the Manager • All staff • KPIs are linked to remuneration of all staff Business Ethics Risk Management Corporate Governance FRAMEWORK COMMITMENT & PROGRESS Material Issues Policy and Objectives Accountability Method / Action Plan Overview Environment Social Governance References SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2023 81