CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust - Sustainability Report 2022

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Our stakeholders’ occupational health and safety (OHS) is of utmost importance. An effective OHS management system is part of risk management and enhances productivity, morale and well-being. CICT aims to provide a safe and secure environment at the properties to optimise both retail and office experiences. CICT adopts CapitaLand’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), which has been externally audited by a third-party accredited certification body to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 45001 standards, a recognised international standard for OHS Management Systems. The framework involves identifying and reviewing OHS hazards, assessing their risks, establishing policies, ensuring accountability, developing action plans and engaging stakeholders. CICT champions OHS with commitment from the board, senior management, and staff participation through an integrated EHS Management System as well as stakeholder engagement activities. Supplementing this management system is the Sustainability Committee which reviews major OHS incidents and helps to reinforce a culture of safety. CICT is committed to ensuring a high OHS performance and reducing occupational injury rates with the aim to achieve zero harm. Risk Management of OHS Hazards Identifying OHS hazards and assessing their risks are key components in the OHSMS. Hazards Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRA) are reviewed annually, or following an incident, or a significant change in processes. OHS hazards are identified for the administration, development and operational functions of the group’s businesses, and their risks are assessed. Examples of hazards include slip, trip and fall, fall from height and falling objects. Each business unit has established standard operating procedures (SOPs) to minimise the occurrence of such hazards. Since October 2020, the Environment, Health, and Safety Impact Assessment (EHSIA) was made mandatory when evaluating new investments. The results of the EHSIA enable the investment team to consider OHS risks and opportunities upfront and to identify early mitigating measures. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT CLI and CICT understand the important role that end-users of its buildings and its supply chain play. Staff, tenants, supply chain partners as well as the wider community are actively engaged to promote total well-being, health and safety. Staff Wellness CapitaLand implemented a "Total WellBeing Programme", which included an annual free on-site health screening in Singapore. Financial assistance, employee assistance programmes, and healthcare hotlines were already in place since the COVID-19 pandemic to support its staff. In 2022, both online and physical programmes were introduced to support staff in a hybrid work arrangement. More than seven online events were held, with some focused on nurturing our employees’ well-being and mental health. In addition, workout sessions, financial and retirement planning talks and personal grooming workshops were organised. Employees attend training and awareness programmes to faci l itate effective implementationofCapitaLand’s Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS). New employees are introduced to CapitaLand’s EHS policy and EHSMS. The CapitaLand Core Values Ambassador Awards was organised globally to recognise inspiring individuals who have strongly displayed CapitaLand’s Core Values. Within the Listed Funds group, The Thinking Cap Team launched initiatives such as The Ambassador Programme, Coffee & Learn and the inaugural CLI Listed Funds Symposium, to create more platforms for employees to gather and promote cross exchanges and learning. Tenants and Community Safety and Wellness As part of the group’s OHS Management System, emergency response procedures are in place to address potential OHS risks. Periodic briefings and biannual evacuation drills are conducted to familiarise tenants with the emergency response actions. Integrated Sustainability Report 2022 39 Health & Safety