IR Policy

1.1   As the manager of CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust (“CICT”), CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust Management Limited (the “Manager”) is committed to keeping both individual and institutional unitholders of CICT (collectively, “Unitholders”) well informed of all major developments affecting the state of affairs of CICT.
1.2   The aim of this Policy is to ensure that Unitholders and the investment community are provided with timely and equal access to balanced and understandable information about CICT (including its strategies, businesses, financial performance, governance and material developments) to enable Unitholders to exercise their rights in an informed manner and to allow Unitholders and the investment community to engage actively with the Manager.
1.3   In this Policy, references to the investment community include CICT’s potential investors as well as analysts reporting and analysing CICT’s performance.
2.1   At all times, the Manager is committed to making announcements and distributing other corporate communications materials* in accordance with the Listing Manual of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) and the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2018 issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
2.2   All announcements issued via SGXNET shall be made available on CICT’s own corporate website.
2.3   This Policy is subject to regular review by the board of directors of the Manager (the “Board”) to ensure its effectiveness. Updates and amendments (as appropriate) will be made to reflect current best practices in communications with Unitholders and the investment community.
*     other corporate communication materials” refers to any document issued or to be issued by the Manager for the information or action of Unitholders, including, but not limited to, the annual report, a notice of meeting, a circular or a proxy form.
3.1   The Manager strives to provide accurate, balanced and transparent information to its Unitholders and the investment community quickly and in a timely manner.
3.2   The Manager will use clear and plain language in communication with Unitholders and the investment community.
3.3   The Manager endeavours to provide a consistent level of disclosure on both positive and negative issues.
3.4   The Manager will communicate only through its designated spokespersons.
3.5   The Manager usually does not comment on rumours. If rumours have or are likely to have a strong impact on CICT’s share price, the Manager will make appropriate announcements on SGX-ST, so as to avoid unnecessary speculation in CICT’s securities.
3.6   The Manager observes a prescribed 'blackout period' prior to the announcement of CICT's financial results. During this period, the Manager does not comment on industry outlook, CICT’s operational performance and financial results, unless such information has already been publicly disclosed.
4.1   The Manager actively engages Unitholders and the investment community via:
  1. media and analysts' briefings, with 'live' webcasts available for viewing on CICT's corporate website;
  2. one-on-one/group meetings or conference calls, investor luncheons, local/overseas roadshows and conferences;
  3. property visits;
  4. annual reports;
  5. press releases on major developments;
  6. notices of, and explanatory notes for, annual general meetings ("AGMs") and extraordinary general meetings ("EGMs"); and
  7. its corporate website (

Investors Communication

4.2   The Manager meets with investors and analysts at appropriate times and participates in investor roadshows, and sector conferences throughout the year.
4.3   Upon the release of CICT’s half-year and full-year financial results, the Manager will hold media and analysts’ briefings. ‘Live’ webcasts of the briefings are recorded and archived on CICT’s corporate website within a reasonable time after the relevant briefing.

Unitholders Meetings

4.4   CICT’s AGMs are the principal communication channels with Unitholders and forums for Unitholders’ participation.
4.5   Unitholders shall receive electronic notification of the notice of AGM within three months after the close of the financial year. Unitholders may also download a copy of CICT's Annual Report from CICT's website at (printed copies of CICT's Annual Report are available upon request) prior to the AGM.
4.6   As and when an EGM of Unitholders is to be held, Unitholders will receive notification via electronic means, the notice of meeting and a circular which contains details of the matters to be proposed for Unitholders' consideration and approval will be made available on CICT's website.
4.7   Notices for the general meetings setting out all items of business to be transacted at the general meeting, are also announced via SGXNET.
4.8   Unitholders are encouraged to send in questions before the meetings and responses to the significant questions will be uploaded on SGXNet and corporate website prior to the Unitholders' meetings.

Corporate Website

4.9   The Manager maintains CICT’s corporate website ( Information relating to CICT’s business developments and operations, financial reports, announcements, press releases and other information are posted on its website. Both current information and archives of previously released information including presentation slides and announcements can be found under the ‘Investor Relations’ section of the corporate website.
5.1   Unitholders can contact our Unitholder Registrar at the following address:
Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte. Ltd.,
1 Harbourfront Avenue, Keppel Bay Tower #14-07
Singapore 098632
Telephone: (65) 6536 5355
Fax: (65) 6536 1360
5.2   Unitholders and the investment community can contact CICT’s investor relations team by telephone at (65) 6713 2888, or by fax at (65) 6713 2999 or by email at